Hello everyone and welcome to Digital Realm with me Prowen. Today I’d like to discuss the newly released Alien Covenant film by Ridley Scott however before getting to that I’d like to address the title and another movie before jumping into Alien.

This wont neccassarily be a review and more so my thoughts. The way I’ve “reviewed” movies in the past I feel as if don’t either do the film justice or you guys and girl whom are watching it. This is another reason why I never got round to doing a review for Gaurdians Vol2 on my Youtube channel – Digital Realm.

Which brings me onto the other thang before we talk about Alien Covenant and that is of Gaurdians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Why I’m talking about that now and here? Because I loved the movie and wanted others whom were on the fence or have not seen it yet to go out and watch this movie before it leaves theatres. Some say that the first movie was better while I’d say it’s on par with the vol 1 which is not a bad thing at all. Just that I love both of them so much it’s hard to pick the better one 😛 I could literally go in and watch them both back to back a few dozen times and not get tired of either.

Now then onwards with my thoughts of Alien Covenant. My wife and I watched this last night at 11pm a performance that didn’t get out until 1:15am. The reason I start with this is because I tend to fall asleep during movies I watch at night. This film I did not 😛 There is plenty in this movie for those Alien fans, Prometheus fans as well as those going in not caught up on either or havn’t seen them in awhile and may not get some of the movie tie ins.

I pleasantly enjoyed this movie and again if you’ve been reading my blog for long you’ll know I hate to spoil movies so I’ll continue to refrain and not spoil this movie for you all reading this. I enjoyed the blend of Prometheus and Alien material along with the R rating that came with this movie. Would I have liked to of seen more from what the movie introduced? Yes. But for what I got and saw I’d say this is a must see for all going out to watch a movie this weekend. (Maybe not the kids though :P).

What are your thoughts on either Gaurdians vol 2 or Alien Covenant? Let me know in the comments below, but until next time I’ve been Prowen and ya’ll stay awesome now 😀 … P.S yes I love to use ya’ll at the end of my blog posts 😛 Thanks for reading everyone seriously 🙂 More posts are to come.