Hello everyone and welcome to Digital Realm with me Prowen. Today I’d like to discuss the newly released episode to the realm of tech, my unboxing of the ultimate VR experience. This was a $99 upgrade to the samsung S8/S8+ promotion that sold out pretty quickly.

From here the realm of VR will be born bringing you another fun realm to dive into with me on Digital Realm over on youtube.

Here is the unboxing below and I hope you enjoy.

Another bunch of goodies to mention is that of a slowly moving change in setup namely first to mention the method that I’m typing up this post. With my newly gifted phone holder and newly purchased Arteck bluetooth keyboard I am typing this up rather nicely onto my S8+ :D.

What is to come of the Samsung Dex? With little testing / experience with my station thus far I’d like to give it more of a chance in a proper setting. What I can say is that I can hardly use it setup in my living room working from my couch.

Yes this means that I shall be setting up my Dex Station alongside my desktop computer for a side by side comparison 😛 although I don’t expect it to compete I will compare it to my chromebook which is what I’d like to replace with the Samsung Dex Station.

I did get caught up with a few tv shows the past week and thus the articles I wanted to write did not get acomplished however I shall be working on a batch of posts to release every couple of days throughout this week once this post goes live 🙂 so again I thank you for your patience and I looked forward to hearing from you again.

Until next time though, stay awesome! 😀 Comment below on any Dex questions / requests along with what you’d like to see from the Gear VR.

Thank you all for stopping by and I’ll see you next time.