Hello everyone and welcome back to Digital Realm with me Prowen. Today I’d like to discuss 2 topics one being that of my newly uploaded episode on Digital Realm Youtube Channel on the Anime Movie – Your Name which can be watched below.

The other topic is that of my youtube channel and this here blog of Digital Realm.

Hope you enjoyed the latest episode over on Digital Realm Channel which is the first of the Movie Realm series. However I have something I need to clean the air about and I know it’s been an issue on my mind of my postings.

I seem to only post when I upload to my youtube channel which has made my postings on this blog a weekly thing of which isn’t my intent. So for those who want more stay tuned here and I shall be posting here first while prepping episodes / planning videos for the channel to be uploaded and released on a weekly schedule that way I continue to stay active on here and have an active posting every couple or few days keeping the channel to a weekly series.

Hopefully this clears up why my blog turnt weekly and become a focused attention on the youtube channel I created for Digital Realm.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the anime movie Your Name and expect my review / thoughts on guardians of the galaxy vol 2. The unboxing of the samsung vr promo that arrived today for the S8+ along with more to come that I had stopped writing about in waiting for the videos to be created which will be no more 😛 to stop this blog from going just weekly.

I thank you all for being patient, I thank you all for stopping by and until next time, I’ve been Prowen and ya’ll stay awesome now 😀