Hello everyone and welcome to the Digital Realm with me Prowen. I’d like to first thank everyone for the patience while I was away for camp nanowrimo. Now good news bad news but here is what’s been going down over the past 3 weeks.

Prowensworld on youtube where I begun the note 7 series of videos (shortly lived due to recall) will be changing over to (fingers crossed) Digital Realm at which point the latest and greatest Samsung S8 Plus shall be taking over which is currently what I’m using to type this.

The Unboxing / channel update videos shall be arriving tomorrow and a focus on editing will be my goal going into may. Expect some trial and error as I find my style 🙂 feedback would be much appreciated. 

When it comes to my stream for Kingdom Hearts, I’ve been going live over on twitch and uploading to Prowengaming on youtube. Currently on chain of memories but may seriousmy consider skipping this to press forth due to the unbearable gameplay of the card system.

Camp Nanowrimo was good for planning and getting me setup to jump back into writing however not so much when it comes to actually sitting down and putting words to the page. When I think of my intended goal of 20k words maybe it’s a little daunting so I’m going to split this number up. Doing so for Nanowrimo helped muchly so I feel as if I should aim for 500 words and then continue that writing spurt to press forth my bigger goals.

Question for you all is would you like to see youtube episodes of longer but less frequent or shorter and more regular for my release window?

P.S I have the 28th of April off which is Mario Kart Deluxe release date on the switch, join us at 2pm PST for some killer good fun 🙂

This is all for now but until next I post which should be tomorrow with the videos of the S8 Plus Unboxing along with channel update you all stay awesome now and I’ll see you next time.