Hello everyone and welcome back to the Digital Realm with me Prowen. Today I’d like to post before the month of April begins about my twitch streaming as well as Camp Nanowrimo before I go kinda quite as I write behind the scenes within a noveling world that will be (fingers crossed) finished this year.

Just finished this afternoon Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix which can be found via this link / playlist of recordings from Twitch – Realmprowen then uploaded to youtube.

Yes the first stream has no audio of me due to my mic not being setup properly unfortunately but the second part onward does 😀 (5 Parts).

Sit back and enjoy the full game with me of the very first KH game in 60FPS. Final message to you all before I go for the week is that tomorrow begins camp Nanowrimo and with it me as I get back to writing my novel. I may stream on youtube – Prowensworld (Potentially changing to Digital Realm) as I write and have you all be able to join me in the process.

For anyone interested in a fantasy novel and okay with reading a first draft version of my story then I’d be happy to share with you the first chapter and if still interested be up for sharing more for an exchange of feedback to improve the story and long term the series as I complete each book :D.

I’ll write once again on thursday with an update along with the stream I’ll be putting up of my recording thursday 6th of april at 7:30am of kingdom hearts chain of memories 😀 see you on twitch and find out how my writing is going for camp nanowrimo.

Thank you all for stopping by and reading / watching, appreciate you all taking some time out of your day to be with me in the digital realm and until next time, y’all stay awesome now :D.