Nintendo Switch

My Issues One Week With System

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Digital Realm with me Prowen. Today I’d like to discuss the issues that I’ve had personally with the Nintendo Switch and maybe put some minds at ease about the system issues other all.

Screen Scratching

Let’s start with my first concern / noticed while using the system day 1, the screen scratching. Now Nintendo have come out stating that they will help those who find this an issue but for their units they have found nothing and a large amount of others have not had this issue. So what were my experiences with this?

Within the first day of docking and undocking the system I did notice some minor (Very light depending on angle of view) scratching on the bezel of the switch system on the bottom left. I just took a picture which is a week into use and yes I have a screen protector now but to be honest I don’t see the scratches at all with this protector on that’s how light the scratch marks were. (The mark on bottom left of the picture is my fingerprint marks due to playing so much Voez 😀 not from marks)


Screen Protector

So after my day 1 experience with the minor scratches I went out and brought a screen protector from Hori which is the official licence partner to Nintendo for their Switch products. However after purchase I heard a lot of issues with the protector bubbling when the system gets hot in the dock. So what were my experiences?

I’ve been using the protector for about a week now and have had no issue what so ever in terms of scratches, bubbling or issues affecting the screen quality. One thing I can gripe on is finger prints from Voez require cleaning regular. (I also purchased two other protectors after hearing of the bubbling heat issues which I’ve not had and they should arrive soon)


JoyCon Desyncing

Now this is one of the biggest concerns I’ve been asked by friends and co-workers about but not one I’ve personally had. I may have just got incredibly lucky because this is an issue that was patched day 1. So I do recommend that you attach both the joycons to the system before updating if this occurs to you but this isn’t a every system issue but a large amount of system have this issue for Nintendo to be looking into helping you and finding solutions to solve it. (Namely the Joycon in question of desyncing or loosing connection is the left Joycon.)

Wifi Signal

Nintendo only offered the Switch to come with a Wifi connection and did not include an ethernet option to be implemented into the switch’s dock unit (They do sell a Hori official licensed Ethernet Adaptor for a hefty price). – My experiences with the Wifi?

No matter where I have the switch system in dock or handheld mode in distance to my Fios modem router I only seem to get 1 bar of signal strength which is mind blowing to see when I can literally leave my place and walk outside still getting a signal on my phone or PS4 Pro which is the furthest point away from the router. My performance so far with the Switch’s Internet over the Wifi has not been bad however I haven’t had any online interaction yet outside of Bomberman R so let’s see how this goes come Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.


Thus far my only real issue has been the Wifi Signal weakness and the very minor scratching of the bottom left bezel ,(which isn’t even on the screen it’s just the black surrounding part) that can not be seen now the screen protector is on.

Let me know if you’ve had any issues with your Nintendo Switch and don’t forget that Nintendo Support is waiting for your calls / email to assist you in fixing the issue and getting you up and running to play with the great nintendo system which is the System.

I’ve been Prowen and you’ve all been awesome, until next time though I’ll be seeing you on the streams. Realmprowen – Twitch or SwitchRealm on the Youtubes. (Just made SwitchRealm so hopefully if Nintendo approves the channel I’ll have a stream going on later today in about an hour or so :D.)