Nintendo Switch

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Digital Realm with me Prowen.

So as you most likely know I didn’t post over the weekend about the week 1 with the Nintendo Switch or about the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. This was because of me underestimating how terrible the wifi was going to be on our mini vacation (It was dial up at best).

With that aside however if you follow me on twitter @Prowengaming you would have seen that a few indie games were launched on the Nintendo Switch Eshop. One in particular I would like to highlight, due to it being my main source of entertainment since it released along with Zelda (If not more at times 😛 sorry link) is a game called Voez.


Voez is a rhythm game developed by Rayark Games, an independent game developer from Taiwan. The game was originally released on 26 May 2016 for iOS devices while the Android version was released a month later on 2 June 2016, now released for the Nintendo Switch March 9th 2017.

Think DDR but with your finger tips, there are a few symbols to interact with the music from sliding your finger to the white symbols to tapping for the main red blocks. Press and hold for the long strands or even swipe left / right to change the directions of the notes that fall.

Even on easy settings the game can offer up a challenge but quickly gets you into the zone and wanting to complete the songs on harder more challenging difficulty as you master Voez’s gameplay. With the Switch release the game is completely open and offered to you for one set price of $25 which is a fantastic price for over 100 tracks to play through and includes any future free updates to come along with it which is unlike that of the IOS or Android models which have micro transactions.

A simple and elegant storyline keeps you wanting to tackle even the hardest of songs to continue to story development in the form of diary chapters. These chapters unlock to certain criteria kind of like an achievement of sorts for getting certain ranks at a set difficulty or doing so with a S rank, full combo etc etc which offers so much gameplay, longevity or play and truly is worth the $25. I’d of paid the $50 I spent on Bomberman R for this game if you compare how much I’ve spent on Voez over Bomberman R 😛

Question to you all, should I make a new youtube channel to partner with Nintendo to record and show gameplay of Nintendo content on the switch or keep to twitch for that? Reason I ask is with more content like this where the game is only accessed in handheld mode due to touching the screen and not the controllers I wouldn’t be able to have this on my capture card and I’d love to record and show gameplay for you all.

Comment below and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this game. Do you want to hear more ? Did this interest you to check it out? Love to hear from you all about Voez this wonderful game that I’ve heard little about since it released, being looked over by another game which came out at the same time (Blaster Master Zero).

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget you can check out my streams on twitch – RealmProwen or my twitter @ProwenGaming to keep up to date with what is going on outside of this site. Thanks again everyone I’ll be seeing you next time and stay awesome.