Nintendo Switch Release Week

Day 3 – Quick Impressions

Hey everyone and welcome back to the Digital Realm with me Prowen. I’d love to give you all some thorough impressions, break down and even some gameplay but with work 7 days straight from the s

witch release I’m finding it hard.

So I wanted to give you my quick impressions of the system thus far and promise you that if I don’t post it’s because I’m working on a quality post rather than something quick to type up for ya’ll to read. (Comments below on the type of posts you enjoy to read).

Switch Docked

So I’ve mentioned before about how I love the quickness and ease of jumping into a game with the PS4 Pro over my PC, well there’s a new contender for that top spot and that’s the Nintendo Switch. I can power on my Switch and be playing zelda within 10 seconds I kid you not.

The Pro controller contends for my fave controllers of all time, I really like the dualshock 4 but right now with the A and B buttons competing for the dualshocks placement of those buttons is making me slip up while playing Zelda since they are flipped in what they do.

I have seen slight scratches on my unit on the bottom left from docking and undocking the switch even when being super careful (3 types of screen protectors are on the way – expect a review). Despite that I love the clarity that the docked unit displays on my TV compared to the PS4 Pro. Maybe it’s an options thing but I can barely read the writing of my games with the PS4 compared to how easy it is on the switch in docked mode.

Switch Handheld

Despite being played the least thus far in this mode I have tested it out and I’m rather impressed the fact that I took the switch to work and was able to play zelda on my lunch is incredible. The fact that I get the same get experience from docked to handheld with this switch is amazing which is a key system seller even if you mainly plan to play docked.

I have a 3 day vacation coming up after these 7 days of work and I’ll be able to give you all my solid impressions, pros and cons of the switch in the Handheld and Tabletop modes.

The Kickstand

If you saw my impressions video from my Day 2 Post you will see that the kickstand is pretty sturdy, however once again I shall be able to give you my follow up impressions with some proper use over my 3 day weekend coming up starting thursday.


Mainly I’ve been using the Pro Controller for all my gaming and that’s because it’s totally awesome and the best way to play for me. However again I shall be testing out each of the controllers / styles and will give you my follow up impressions on each of the different controllers and ways to use them. (I give my very first impressions on each type in the video below if your interested.)

I thank you all for stopping by and checking out my quick impressions of the Switch I’ll try post tomorrow but my next post will either be my Pros and Cons of the switch or my first impressions of the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 😀 stay tuned to find out.

But until then everyone I’ll see you next time in the Digital Realm and stay awesome :D.