My Amiibo Addiction

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Digital Realm with me Prowen. Today I feel like you all should know something about me, especially with the switch coming out TOMORROW! Yes it’s that near to the Nintendo Switch release I’ve still not managed to get my hands on one or a pre order but any who let us begin with the story shall we.


How my addiction started?

When Nintendo first announced the Smash Bros Amiibo waves I was rather interested and curious over these little figures for two reasons. For one they looked cool and would be good to have on my gaming display that I’m currently building up for a streaming / recording backdrop for ProwenGaming Youtube. On the other they served a purpose of unlocking additional features and bonus content within various games.

I first told myself I’ll just hunt down a select few and mainly that of the characters from Fire Emblem. Well as I looked back at my collection growing at the time I noticed my interest had become a hobby a fun hobby at that.

However from an innocent hobby of collection Amiibo characters that I really liked and enjoyed came a darker path taking a turn for the worse.


What my addiction grew into

Whilst I looked back at my collection I had been noticing the volume of Amiibo slowly increasing. Between consciousness I must have been going out and purchasing Amiibo from local gaming stores like Gamestop, Bestbuy and Target in amongst browsing Amazon for when certain Amiibo came back in stock or spending beaucoup bucks on a particular models from Ebay.

Now when I looked back I knew I had an addiction to Nintendo’s Amiibos.


Controlling the addiction

Once I had noticed this trend happening the recovery process had to begin for not only myself but also my wallet whom was being abused at this point in time. My wife would redirect me away from the electronics section in Target or even avoid gaming stores whom housed Amiibo within them. Limited browsing of Amazon was required and the process of elimination for what Amiibo I acquired had to be tougher to cut down on the rapidness of my collections growth.

That was until new Amiibo begun to launch leading up to the Nintendo Switch’s launch.


How Nintendo feeds my addiction

With Nintendo slowing down the amount of Amiibo being released at a regular pace I was able to gain control over my Amiibo collection. With the Smash, Mario Party and Animal Crossing Amiibo out there wasn’t much else coming out other than the AC Cards.

None the wise to me the bubble that I had wrapped myself in to protect myself from the outside world and the news of what new Amiibo were going to release was abouts to be popped in a big way.

My controlled safe hobby had now noticed cracks at the seams seeing new zelda Amiibo, 30th Anniversary released as well as the up and coming Breath of the Wild Amiibo coming out the trip to Target opened up another can of addiction worms as I brought two last night and then awoke to see that the BOTW Amiibo were on Amazon to pre order and got two more.

I thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed the path to madness that is my addiction to the Amiibo craze that will continue to grow ever more. The pictures in this article are that of my collection as they grow into what I have now. I love you Nintendo but you’re killing me here.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve had similar experiences or do the Amiibo not phase you at all?

I’ve been Prowen, you’ve been awesome and until next time I’ll see you with the launch of the Nintendo Switch.