Nintendo Switch Releasing 3.3.2017


What about the Switch Excites me?

Welcome back everyone to the Digital Realm with me Prowen where in today I’d like to discuss the factors of the Switch that excite me and get me hyped for this latest Nintendo System.

Now if you’ve read my Top 3 Nintendo Home Consoles article then you’ll know that I never even purchased the Wii U and I hardly played much of the Wii other than a few games near launch window and then Smash Bros Brawl so let’s jump into why I’m so ready for the Nintendo Switch.

The Controllers

First and foremost the biggest improvement for me is the controllers. The Wii Motes were alright but after awhile as I played through Twilight Princess I wanted to revert back to a controller like the Nintendo Gamecube. Not to say that the Wiimote was bad but for that to be the controller itself and no other option I was done playing the games on the system. The cord that connected the Wiimote and Nunchuck was a cool idea for accessories but if you compare that to what is on offer with the Switch today the movement and cord itself was annoying at best.

So what intrigues me with the Switch Joycon controllers?

THE CORD IS GONE! For one, which gives you total freedom with the controls in your hands to be relaxed and free to play. I’ve not held them or seen in person yet so I can’t make statements to how they feel in my hands and compare them however there are options available to mix up the controllers feel.

Attached to the system you’re able to have a handheld console type experience or for a freer more relaxed gaming you can place the Switch in tabletop mode and detach the Joycons to be used far away. This excites me for multiplayer games where I’m not near the Dock and still able to enjoy the games with friends and family off the Switch screen itself.


Finally my biggest hype for the controllers of the Nintendo Switch is that of the JoyCon Grip itself, the little controller that comes with each system that the internet refers to as a little doggy face :P. This enables you to have the complete free and choice in which way you want to play which is why the Switch naming is genius because of how you can simple switch between play styles for each different user experience since we gamers are all different with our own likes and dislikes which works perfectly with this system.

(I’ll discuss the Pro Controller in a later post however that is also coming to the Nintendo Switch for all those interested.)

The Games


When I look back over the games for the Wii U and was deciding if or not to buy the unit throughout last year (Which almost happened). I could only truly see about 5 games I’d be really interested and wanting to play which just wasn’t worth the cost of buying the unit and games especially so close to the Switch or back then NX release / announcement.

Yes the controller was the first thing keeping me away but then the games were second and are crucial when deciding to buy a system since without games why have a system to just sit there and look at.

From what we have seen thus far from the Nintendo Switch 2017 lineup I just spoke about 5 Nindie Games that were showcased yesterday that I would like already and that’s not including the Marios, Zelda, Splatoons and Xenoblades out there coming this year along to the Switch. So already I have more games I’m interested in on the Switch year 1 compared to a 5 year Wii U console.

The Switch Concept


I’ve always loved the Idea that Sony attempted to implement with their Playstation system and the Vita. Despite it not selling well I always loved the Idea of being able to take the game from the big screen and then being able to continue your game out and about. Despite not owning every Nintendo Home Console due to not getting the Wii U, I did get every Nintendo Handheld from the black and white Game Boy to the colour. Game Boy Advance SP to the Nintendo DS before upgrading to the DS Lite and then to the 3DS at launch before moving to America and getting my hands on the New 3DS XL.

But all along despite the Handhelds being jam packed with awesome games I could only have it on that smaller screen and grew a wanting to have my games on the big screen to enjoy the game in all its glory rather than being limited to a smaller space. I’m currently playing Xenoblade Chronicles and it’s how I feel wanting to see that vast world but having to do so on the XL screen and not my 40 something inch TV which would be lushuss.

Now with the Nintendo Switch I can do so and I’m so totally hyped to be able to play LoZ: Breath of the Wild on an airplane or on a train, sitting on lunch at work etc and not have to be waiting to arrive home to play it stationed in one location.

Ending Thoughts

So these  are my 3 biggest excitements about the Nintendo Switch arriving between the new Joycon controllers, the games and the concept of the device itself but I’d love to hear your thoughts also. Do you agree with the above? Did I miss something? Or is there another direction to the System that you find interesting I’d love to hear in the comments below.

This has been Prowen from within the Digital Realm and I’ll catch you all tomorrow. Stay awesome now :D.