Nintendo Switch

Nindies Showcase 2.28.2017

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Digital Realm with me Prowen.

This morning Nintendo dropped their Nintendo switch Nindies showcase which got me incredibly hyped for the switch and excited for a few of the games being shown. (Yes a few!, there is ALOT of indie games coming to the switch throughout the year to come.)

Without further ado though what are the Nindies about?

Nintendo has been working hard with and alongside Independent Publishers and Developers with Innovative content that showcases the fun of playing games. This is in order to bring the Indie games onto the Nintendo Switch and have good relations going forward throughout the consoles life.

The Nindies Showcase will be embedded below for your viewing pleasure and before that I’ll be going into a little detail of a few games that stood out to me and why.



So to kick things off I have to mention the biggest indie game to me coming and that is Yooka-Laylee the game that started off with a kickstarter several years ago and was hugely successful being fully backed to their goal within a few hours and far exceeding their targeted goal several times over.

This will be coming soon for the Nintendo Switch and despite having my kickstarter for the PS4 I’ll be picking myself up a copy on the switch to have on the go as well as on the PS4 at home from launch.

Being that of a spiritual successor to Banjo Kazooie this game by Playtonic and Team 17 will be pushing the barrier of the normal platformer whilst holding true to what we came to love about platformers of the past.

Something I look forward to with Yooka-Laylee is that of being able to bounce between worlds in no particular linear order because I get to choose if or not I go basic world to world from 1 to 8 or even 1, 3, 2 then 5 before 4 etc the possibilities is all down to the move sets I learn along the way in order to gain access to new areas. Not only are there 8 worlds to play through but they can all be developed upon and unlocked to become even greater with new zones and additions which couldn’t be possible before.

A must get and the game that’s top of my list to get with my Nintendo Switch.

Flipping Death


Flipping Death is an interesting puzzling adventure game being created by Zoink Games.

The characters and their voices sound so humorous that they could of literally come from the movie Corpse Bride they were that good.

Flipping Death is about Penny DoeWood whom had a strange flipside death where she goes into the otherside. But there was no rest in peace for our Penny because Death has a job for her to do. Penny is to possess and control the living to help the Ghosts with their problems.

See for yourselves below why I’m so hyped for this game even if some of the ghosts have some truly odd problems to be solved :P.

Graceful Explosion Machine


Want to explore the capabilities of the new HD Rumble feature within the new Joycon remotes then this little number may interest you. Graceful Explosion Machine is a side scrolling arcade shooter which will literally explode in your hands as you rank up your high score thanks to the new HD Rumble.

This game will be releasing first on the Nintendo Switch later this year in summer.

War Groove


War Groove at first reminded me of the very first and old school Fire Emblem games. However as the trailer went on the game reminds me more of the good old Advance Wars series which hasn’t been a thing since back on the DS which I’d love to return. This game is by Chucklefish Games along with our last and final game from the Nindie Showcase.

Stardew Valley


I won’t go into detail of the game because my friends over at Octal.FM did a fantastic job at that already and I’d like to point you over to them with Episode 8 ( Tending our Turnips ). However one noteworthy thing to mention is that the Nintendo Switch will be the first to get the up coming Online Multiplayer update for Stardew Valley which excites me very much.

This has been my thoughts on the Nindies Showcase of 2.28.2017 but what about you all? Drop your must have Nindie games in the comments below. Did I overlook something that stuck out to you? I’d love to hear about the games your passionate about also.

Until next time though in the Digital Realm, stay awesome everyone.