My Top 3 Nintendo Handheld Consoles

Hello everyone and welcome back, yesterday I posted my top 3 Nintendo Home Consoles and today I shall be talking about the Handhelds…..but with a slight difference 😀

I personally feel as if each new addition to the Nintendo Handheld family they improved leaps and bounds in design, power, features and all round everything. There is one switch that I’ll do and that is for spots 2 + 1 however I’ll discuss them further down after.

# 3 – The Game Boy Advance SP


With so many iterations and versions of the Game Boy from the very first black and white release to the latest Advance SP I felt this to be a masterpiece with the tech on one screen as was a standard back then.

You could at this point connect up with the Gamecube and use it as a controller or even add additional features to the game being played. Good example here would be Loz: Four Swords or even Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles like I mentioned in my last post.

I’d like to put focus on the picture above, this was the first time Nintendo had made a handheld which could be folded up making the device small and compact for easy portability and traveling with. It played all previous games and there was no need for additional devices to brighten the screen like the gameboy colour because the screen was popping.

This all changed however with the next Handheld console…

#2 – The New Nintendo 3DS XL


I mentioned at the start that there’d be a slight difference when discussing the Handheld devices from Nintendo and that is when it comes to the 3DS and the DS line up. Yes the New 3DS XL is the latest and greatest and is also what I’m currently playing Xenoblade Chronicles on however there are a few things that puts it ever so slightly down from the Gold #1 position for me. (Despite it being fantastic and totally awesome tech.)

The Handheld is called the 3DS so why did I rather quickly stop using the 3D on the device and just play it regularly? Was it due to the battery? Yes!, Was it due to being uncomfortable playing with it on? Yes!, Was it because playing with the 3D on distracted me from being fully immersed in the game and continuously trying to mess around for optimal 3D effect? YES!

When it came to playing the New 3DS with the 3D off the console is and was totally awesome and it’s so unpopular of a feature that Nintendo didn’t even support it for the latest Pokemon game Sun and Moon. If it wasn’t for that and the fact that my #1 Nintendo Handheld changed the way we play games today then I would place this at Gold, it’s a very very close positioning between the two because I LOVE, everything to do with this device.

#1 – The Nintendo DS lite


After the Game Boy Advance SP, this little beauty arrived, well the Nintendo DS did not the lite however I loved the lite edition from the DS. Do you notice something different in the picture compared to the SP? There are two screens on this device AND a stylus.

It was from this point in time when devices like the Ipad and tablets were blowing up and Nintendo hit it home with their DS lineup of Handhelds. If they hadn’t gone this route and continued with the 1 screen I haven’t a clue where they’d be these days.

Nintendo is about innovation and this was up there amongst some of their biggest innovations Nintendo have come up with across all time….Until now? The Nintendo Switch ;).- I’ll be posting my thoughts on the switch leading up to its release on the 3rd of March 2017 in just a few days time.

But before I go I’d love to hear from you all, do you agree with my choices of Top 3 Nintendo Handheld Consoles ? Would you have switched 😉 the 3DS and DS around? Or even had something else in their places? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Until next time though, stay awesome!