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Today I’d like to discuss and share with you all my top 3 Nintendo Home Consoles and why that is. Worthy side note by the way but above the top of the site will be menu links (example at the moment are Nintendo and About) which shall take you to a category of content within a specific purpose rather than all posts of all time from newest to oldest. 🙂 Hope it helps and works out for you in order to find the content you would prefer to read about or dive into.

Shall we begin with Top Spot:-

#3 – The SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

So close to Spot #2 but just out done by …….

So I first sat down and begun to think over this article for my top 3 Nintendo Home Consoles with my number 3 being my choice of now number 2 slot and visa versa. However looking over the games, the controller and all round I moved them into how they are currently. So without further ado why is the SNES placed at my number 3 slot the Bronze of Nintendo?

My 1st Nintendo Console the one that took me on a path of awesome and fun, which connected my friends and I together. I look back at these good o times and remember distinctly games like Plok that may not stick out to others but this odd game had me hooked from the random enemies to the costumes that changed up the gameplay to the music. A quick list of games I put Plok up with to make this console my Bronze is Super Mario World, Yoshi’s Island, Donkey Kong Country (Oh my goodness the countless hours of fun and frustration that I put into this game series!), Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat and the number 1 game of mine for the Snes was Super Mario All Stars.

NO ZELDA!? Yes I kid you not Zelda had not even entered my radar at this point it wasn’t until Ocarina of Time of which made this happen and along with it made LoZ one of my top 5 game series of all time (For another day leading to the switch ;)).

#2 – The Nintendo Gamecube


Yes the Nintendo Gamecube, this almost placed Bronze but I bumped it to silver place while looking over the games and then after looking into the system somewhat more I could even go with Gold? Let us begin why this Nintendo Console was placed 2nd.

Despite the launch in my mind being rather lackluster and the one game that truly stood out to me to play at launch was Wave Racer Blue Storm the library of games that came to the Gamecube is such an impressive roster. Here’s a quick fire round of games that stand out to me and there’s literally so many more I could add but let us begin.

Timesplitters, Animal Crossing, LoZ Wind Waker, Metroid Prime (Series), SSBM, Tales of Symphonia, Luigi’s Mansion along with Pikmin, Beyond Good & Evil, Mario DDR, Mario Sunshine, Skies of Arcadia and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

Now I picked these games above because? Graphics :O WoW so cool bro.. No! 😛 Because each of them owned in their respective genre, they pushed the boundaries and did something on a Nintendo Console that hadn’t been and couldn’t of been done on the N64.

What do I mean? The Wave Bird controller for one O.o check this out below.wavebird

The 1st Wireless controller on a Nintendo console before going over to the Wiimotes. The system even had the ability to go online ( Although nothing to the degree that the Wii later went onto having the support for but still.) Just like the picture above the Gamecube even had the support and ability to connect with Nintendo’s Handheld systems which had never been possible before. (Yes Pokemon Stadium had that Game Boy Cartridge adaptor but the Gameboy itself couldn’t be used as a controller or crossed played like the Gamecube had.) Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is a good example of the progression Nintendo had made when connecting both their home and handheld console platforms together.

Enough of the gushing, shall we get to my number 1 and gold medal to my top 3 Nintendo Home Consoles? I bet you’ve guessed it but here it is….

#1- The Nintendo 64


The Nintendo 64 is my number 1 Nintendo Home Console of all time and the only drawback to it while reminiscing is….look at that controller, go back and try using that after using today’s controllers? It’s horrid, Gamecube legit had the best controller of all time…Until the Pro controller arrived and now is the best 😛

Now this may not be everyone’s #1 however the memories and the moments while playing this system will forever and always be the best moments of my life across any game series on all consoles and PC to this day. I’m going to run down my top N64 games and go into specifics on a few otherwise I’ll be here all day and you’ll have fallen asleep how long I could talk about these individual consoles / games.

Super Mario 64, GoldenEye 007, Diddy Kong Racing, LoZ Ocarina of Time + Majora’s Mask, Star Fox 64, Banjo Kazooie, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Star Wars Rogue Squadron, Donkey Kong 64, Mario Kart 64, Rayman 2 The Great Escape, F-Zero X, Pokemon Snap, Yoshi’s Story and Pokemon Stadium.

I could seriously highlight the lot of them but I’ve bolded the games above that meant something huge for both the console and myself, let us begin :D.

Super Mario 64: What a leap from Super Mario All Stars to this. One of my favorite Mario games of all time I loved the different worlds, whilst getting to explore the castle and unlocking new worlds in an almost achievement system when trying to collect all the stars to each world.

GoldenEye 007: Pretty much the shooter that started all shooters for Nintendo. Local multiplayer games were a bunch of fun and this game offered so many modes, weapons and maps without dlc which is pretty much standard these days.

Diddy Kong Racing: Despite there being a Mario Kart on the Snes, before Mario Kart 64 was a thing there was Diddy Kong Racing which offered a story, fun characters and enjoyable gameplay of many different types of vehicles before Mario Kart started to do so.

LoZ Ocarina of Time: The game that hooked me to the Zelda universe and franchise. The game that opened my eyes to what RPG could and can be for the future of video games. This game blew me away in every aspect from gameplay, to story, music to environment, seriously this was where LoZ took off and still to this day upholds the series to this high a standard.

Banjo Kazooie & Conker’s Bad Fur Day (Rareware): Now Nintendo has been for the family but these two games by Rare were awesome in humor and content. I had such a blast with them and the greatest memories of all. Conker had a kickass multiplayer and single player mode while Banjo kazooie went on to have a sequel and coming this year has a spiritual successor in the form of Yooka Laylee which I’m excited about.

This has been my thoughts and break down on why I have chosen these three Nintendo Home Consoles and from 1st, 2nd and 3rd place leading up to the launch of the Nintendo Switch. My thoughts on the switch and if or not I believe it can take one of these 3 places? That shall have to await for the switch launch post 😉 but until then stay tuned for my thoughts on Nintendo’s Handheld Consoles on the lead up to why I can’t wait for the systems to be one within the Nintendo Switch.

I thank you all for stopping by and reading this rather lengthy piece. Until next time though, stay awesome y’all :D.