I’d like to bring you all through a journey and a passage through time of my childhood and what Nintendo did and meant to me leading up to the person whom I am now. This will be a week long journey leading up to the Nintendo Switch launching on the 3rd of March this very year 2017.


Whilst sitting here writing this I have selected a 5 hour playlist of Nintendo music to take me back to the days on the playground in first school when the original pokemon cards had just been announced / launched. In a time when these oddly fascinating little monsters were appearing and spreading across the playground my friends and I were hooked but not only were we hooked on this card game but also in creating our own cards which we played with, thought up of and put a lot of time into balancing and drawing the designs to our cards also.

It was during this time when my creativity and the passion to build upon my imagination truly took shape and along with it so to did the time come for me to receive the Super Nintendo Entertainment System also known as the SNES.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

I’ll be leaving the consoles and the breakdown to the games etc for another post but I wanted to highlight to you all the significance of this time and the release of Super Mario Bros 3 among the awesome Donkey Kong Country games which I played to death.

On a timeline I’m not sure the specifics but a few years later I had moved into my new home which was celebrated with later on that year christmas I received the N64 which I placed in the cartridge of Diddy Kong Racing and lit the living room on fire with laughter, delight and pure happiness this was the pinnacle of Nintendo to me and the time when Nintendo was the greatest ever in my life.


Why was the N64 the pinnacle of Nintendo’s time for me? Well simply Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Golden Eye, Smash Bros, Majora’s Mask and the list goes on and on. This system had such a leap in graphics, in storytelling and the depth of music that was now being offered was and still are memories that stick by me to this very day.

Nintendo got me into Roleplaying Games, into strategy, puzzles and the immersion of a digital world that was living breathing and interactive with an in depth story, cutscenes and music that can move the soul.


Then the time for change happened not only with Nintendo but also with my life as I transitioned into secondary school and along with it my journey into the years of the Gamecube and the release of the Wii which had some good memories but were on the decline of me with Nintendo and the switch to PC Gaming had arrived with Lan parties, World of Warcraft and many triple A titles that launched throughout the 2000’s.


Since moving to America just after christmas 2011 I never did pickup or get into the Wii U. In Fact it is the only Nintendo Console that I haven’t picked up (Even purchased the NES for collection purposes) and also was the first Nintendo Console I hadn’t had day 1 since I started pre ordering and buying the consoles day 1 starting with the Gamecube.

Now I haven’t mentioned anything to do with the handheld Gameboys or DS’s etc but that will be for another post during the week but the above is a journey throughout my life and the growth of Nintendo and what they meant, mean and have returned to with the Nintendo Switch in my eyes.

Tomorrow I shall be back with my top 3 Nintendo Home Consoles along with a bonus added one (Give it a guess šŸ˜‰ ) and I’ll go deeper into why the console means and meant to me and why I’m excited for the Switch.

Thank you all for reading, if you also have a tale or even fond memories of Nintendo growing up I’d love to hear them below in the comments. Matter of fact I’d also be interested in those whom went the Sega / Sony path and detoured away into the other direction.

Until tomorrow though, ya’ll stay awesome šŸ˜€