Hello everyone and welcome back, I wanted to write this back on wednesday / thursday earlier in the week when the official end of week 1 wrapped up however in the process of making a video to go along with this post totally derailed me and prevented both from happening.

So you’ll get a live stream to go along with the post and I’ll carry on writing this out πŸ˜€

How was my first week with the PS4 Pro? Fan – bloody – tastic is pretty much my experience in a nutshell. Yes there were some bumps along the road but NOTHING compared to the scare videos out there that made me nervous leading up to my purchase of the unit.

So I mentioned how I installed a SSHD and all went smoothly on install. I mentioned how I started to download my PSN Games without issue. Well I last left off on my post prior that I jumped into recording a Ratchet & Clank live stream, that I have now fully completed the game for the first run through (Next is Challenge Mode). Well away from the games that I have downloaded off the unit I wanted to bring my first poor experience and it’s one that I have a disc for, it’s a biggy and that game is Final Fantasy 15.

Now mind you this has only happened the once thus far (Thankfully) and I’ve just hit 15 hours of gameplay mind you but once I was wrapping up chapter 2 I hit a blue screen of death while recording Part 3 of my stream that brought me out of the game and to a error message screen asking me for feedback on the issue and if I’d like to report the issue to Sony themselves. Now this was interested as it happened while in auto riding the car with Ignis driving toward my story destination prior to the first story dungeon you come to.


(Happened again yesterday during Trove – Yes writing this next part a few days after the previous part :S yea I suck at getting post written on time specially with morning shifts.)

Sticking to FF15, pretty sure this is a Blu Ray issue however I need to crank my tv volume double that of a usual game and even then some words that are being said in the King’s Glaive movie is hard to make out which is a grime of mine for all Blu Ray / DVD’s. (Which for me personally takes away the strike that most people have for the system that being of the lack of UHD Blu Ray support for the physical disks.) All content being played via a stream runs and sounds perfectly from the system.

Now for a mind blowing realisation and that was during the release of “Let it Die” which matter of fact was the video review I attempted to create for this post :S anywho during this game (which was a lot of fun at first for like 3 days until another game (Which I streamed for this post πŸ˜› had come into my sights).) I had a moment when Uncle Death had communicated to me via the DualShock 4 PS4 Remote. This was awesome and apart from the last of us which uses it for a clicking noise I’ve come into as of yet but was really cool surprise and something I look forward to seeing being used more as I play more PS4 games.

So the game above that I had been hooked on after the initial download days of Let it Die was a Moba called Paragon and here is a stream of me playing it below. (Yes I’m a noob but the game is so fun non the less. :D)

My next couple of posts will be a review of Ratchet & Clank, Thoughts of Final Fantasy 15 as well as fingers crossed my review / thoughts on Let it Die and early impressions on the beta of Paragon / Trove leading up to my 1 month with the PS4 Pro.

Beware of the white light of death which I got to experience the other day when turning on my PS4 and having my controller flash white at me with no display on the screen (Tid Bit – Don’t unplug the power cable like I did) , hold down the power button for several seconds apparently fixes this issue unless the HDMI cable is bad then it’ll need replacing but the way I went about it fixed it for me but I don’t recommend it after reading on what could of happened to my unit by doing so.

Tonight I shall be jumping back into Final Fantasy 15 with a stream which’ll be part 6 of my live stream series πŸ˜€ Yes I have been doing the side quests off stream since I’ve put in 4 hours since part 5 of just side quests and managed to get 20 levels ahead of where I left off. However I have learnt a lot about the fighting mechanics and doing really well ready to jump back in and get to that waterfall….that is after completing a dungeon that I saved outside of ready for tonight’s stream around 8pm PST which you can see live over at Youtube on ProwenGaming channel.

I thank you all for stopping by and hope you enjoy the Paragon video stream above. Let me know how I can improve because I’d love to get better at the game due to it being so much fun and I look forward to seeing you later for the FF15 stream where I go into the depths of a dungeon to seek mighty rewards and treasure :D.

Until next time everyone, have a gooden, stay awesome and may the force be with you all tonight with the premier of Star Wars πŸ˜€ eeeek haha πŸ˜€