Hello everyone and welcome back, with NanoWrimo over along with the race to 50k which you can check out on my last post about I have now shifted to the new PS4 Pro that released mid November.

I’ve had it for about half a week now and my first impressions shall be posted tomorrow, however this post is about my initial thoughts on the pro as I inboxed it.

Here’s the outta box for the pro unit both back and front. I had heard how heavy the unit was but I think there’s been a lot of exaggerating going on with the Pro to put it under bad press which also aplies into my next post for my first impressions.

Once opened there’s another boxing which contains the juicy contents we seek for.

So not quite juicy but a nice sqweese of the box drops us a lovely new PS4 controller, the power plug along with controller data cord. The requires HDMI 2.0 cord for receiving 4k content to the TV Set.A pretty cappy single bud headphone which barely if at all fits into my big ear so R.I.P little ear people this also has a mic attached to it for voice. Lastly are 3 books provided for setup etc.

Lastly in the box is the PS4 Pro itself which I thought was heavier than I thought but not to the degree of what media said about it. I changed out the HDD from this point which I did need assistance of holding the console up (I’m very careful with electronics specially that which costs so much) so I could get to the screws but the process was very easy and painless.

I thank you all for reading and stopping by. Tomorrow shall by my first impressions of the system and don’t forget that I will be posting pics first rom a 4k tv so unless you have a 4k display the image wont be as good as what it could be first romeo the pro itself.

Until next time though, stay awesome 🙂