NanoWrimo 2016 has come to an end however that doesn’t mean that my word count stops where it is or that the story I’ve created has arrived at the finish line. Thanks to NanoWrimo 2016 I took an idea I’ve wanted to make / create for the past 10 years and although the original idea of bullet pointed chapters has been changed and added to. I realised that a 1667 word day or even attempted chapter word count is a lot different to a 100 word bullet pointed chapter idea 😛 A LOT can change haha.

So from 1 world along with an underworld now at the half way mark of chapter 15 with 40k words (Aiming for 30 chapters or until story hits the desired finished line) has had 2 focused worlds with a couple others being seen to either destroyed / storied etc but from 1 now there is like 5 worlds that was a positive change from the original idea. 🙂

Now the world I’m creating is a universe and one that shall be a vast one with a long story premise so I’m hoping this first novel I create can set that up. If you’d like to continue hearing or seeing some of this creation in development hit me up in the comments. I’ll be continuing to write throughout the next couple of months aiming to be finished by March and then head onto a revision of the novel where I’ll love to have others reading and strengthening the content prior to release before NanoWrimo 2017 where I’ll be planning to write the sequel :D.

Love to thank you all for reading and taking the time to spend it here on my page and I look forward to writing more and bring you new/more content going forward.

Up next – PS4 Pro – Stay awesome everyone, I’ll see you next time. 🙂