Welcome back everyone and hope you had a nice time over the holidays (American Holidays) of Thanksgiving. I have some bad news, however some news that will set me up for the next year and then some :D.

I’m at 37k words, didn’t manage to write last few days and was hoping to write more in the car journey over to the in laws however my laptop battery fell short half way through and thus cut a potential of 5-6k words for the journey there and back :S. So it’s not looking good for me to win this year for the 50k words in the month of November.

That being said I do plan to continue on and hit the 40k mark but not only that but continue to write to finish my story. I thought I’d approach the end by 50k and that was an understatement I could probably hit somewhere near to 80k by the end of my first book. πŸ˜› Yea tiz crazy :D.

I’ll continue to write and update here and there maybe on a month or bi-weekly basis but I wanted to also inform you that the month is coming to an end and I have praise and congratulate all those whom succeeded their goals and challenge of NanoWrimo this year no matter what your goal was 50k or not. I shall be planning on revising the finished story by the end of next NanoWrimo of 2017 and have it ready to read before I plan/write the sequel / book 2 of the series :D.

Next update shall be wednesday when I wrap this month up and switch gears to streaming on the PS4 Pro as well as write around 5k words minimum a week until the story is complete.

I hope you all do well and the final post to NanoWrimo this year will be a reflective post upon what helped and what I’ll be better prepared at for next NanoWrimo. I’d like to say despite not hitting 50k I’m so happy to have or at least most likely be hitting the 40k mark and that I have a plan in mind that will get me to 50k and stay better on task / track next year considering what I implemented this year doubled my count of last year :D.

Don’t forget to like this post if you liked it and drop a comment below if you have a NanoWrimo story. Thanks again and I’ll see you next time. Stay Awesome now πŸ˜€