Hello everyone, wanted to drop by and say I just reached 25k words and thus the halfway point has been reached 😀 woohoo! How are others fairing? Keeping up? Falling behind or way out ahead? love to know and most of all I believe in you all that whatever the word goal you choose for NanoWrimo. I support you all :).

That being said, sadly I must put the story on hold for now and revise for my test at work 😀 been a long time coming but tiz finally here. TV Wall mount is up and ready for the new arrival tomorrow and Pokemon Moon arrives for me friday 😀 What will your starters be?

Despite all the wonderful things happening in the second half of November just remember to try protect that writing time. Sit down 10/15 minutes throughout the day and knock out some words. Believe in you.

Good luck, backup your novels and I’ll be catching you all Friday 😀

Until next time stay awesome everyone.