It’s many hours later and many DC Tv Shows of distractions later along with it but I managed to hit 17, 994 words. Yes it’s not 18k like I mentioned and it’s not the overall word count goal for day 11 of 18,337 however I’m using the excuse of not starting a chapter to leave it as my excuse not to continue tonight :P.

Tomorrow I’ll be aiming for 20k words and with it resulting in a catch up for not writing for 2 days.  Has anyone else started to slow down / run behind the total day goal word count ? Love to hear your comeback story in the comments.

I’ll be working the next couple of days but I’ll be attempting my best to stay up with 1667 words and come Monday which I’m off. I truly hope I can give myself a gain because the week of distractions fast approaches and already  I find the DC Tv Shows going on rather distracting :P. Pokemon Sun/Moon arrives on the 18th for the 3DS and Amazon Prime will be airing the newly created Top Gear in the form of the grand tour which I’m so excited about.

I’d like to thank you all for stopping by and reading the day 11 update of NanoWrimo and I’ll catch you next time. Stay awesome now and good luck with your writing.