Hello everyone just a quick update because I need to get back to writing :P.

Over the past couple of days I’ve started to fall behind on writing. My day off on saturday was switched to this friday up and coming so despite being at the day count/week count I’m no longer ahead of the game.

This sort of thing worries me due to it being a close one I have to write and last night I wrote a thousand words for the website 4thewords.com to suddenly freaking refresh on me and lost all my word despite still having my words count to the boss battle I was on.

Yes this was a huge deterrent for the remainder of the night and I sat there for an hour attempting to rewrite it through dictator mode then just typing because, well dictator mode kinda sucked 😛 but I never made it past 300 words.

Thus today and throughout this week I shall get that lead again and make some wiggle room for myself since I already known from the 17th onwards I’ll be having the ultimate distractions thrown my way.

First with the new 4k Samsung 8000series TV heading my way and then the next day having the new pokemon moon releasing (Also Sun arrives 😀 ) I already know I’m going to be torn. So I must write, write, write :D.

Until next time everyone I wish you all the luck and happy writing.

P.S I’m just passed the 10k word count with 10015 words.