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Hello everyone and welcome back,

Yesturday my kickstarter backed Board Game arrived called Karmaka πŸ™‚ below is my youtube unboxing of the game, I hope you enjoy.


To read more or to stalk their site for purchase updates click here.

Head over here to download and try the game before you pre-order πŸ™‚

On the other hand google announced their google pixel phones today and I’m so pumped to get my hands on one once the money for my Note 7 is returned. That being said I will only allow myself to get one if I pass the 50k Goal of NanoWrimo this year which I’ll be uploading a video about later on in the week :).

Until then though, stay awesome everyone and write your comments below if you want to see more from Karmaka or even your thoughts on the google pixel.