Hey everyone and welcome back.

So I was going to release another video for my channel over on Youtube but after getting off the phone with samsung decided to post about what’s going on.

I’ve been informed that the CPSC are investigating the battery exploding on the Note 7 and have stopped any and all sales/returns of the device. Therefore Samsung are now only offering a refund allowing the free item to be kept or the exhange programme will be for the S7 or S7 Edge. Until futher notice no Note 7’s will leave the factory until the CPSC give the go ahead.

Sad times indeed and I would look into other cell phones but my time with the Note 7 I had a blast and the S Pen is truly a winner for me to stick around until shipments get to be released back into peoples hands once again.

Thanks for reading everyone. I’ll leave you with a little video on my Prowensworld Channel over on YouTube but until next time. Stay awesome 🙂