Hello and welcome back everyone .

So before the recall I had tested the Gear VR and was excited to share my first experience to you all .

I sprinkled some pictures into this post since an unboxing would be extremely short :p.

Now for those whom have had VR experiences I’d love to hear your thoughts currently after using the device for a  longer period of time.

first of all the clips on either side to hold the phone in place is not easy as other youtubers have made it seem.

mine tend to get stuck or even require force to move clip out to free my phone.

Once adjusted and on my face I didn’t realise how hot / steamed up it gets within VR. Now I live in California which is hot almost all the time however I did manage to juggle it where a comfortable experience could be met.

Now negative aside did you notice I having even used the headset yet in VR and this is where my concerns lay. Once your used to the headset thr negatives are no more because once your set up and in the Gear VR menu wow is it awesome.

I tried out some free apps and had a blast. Even watched some Netflix and had my wife go from a mindset of I’ll never use it to a wow this is really cool.

Sadly though no more VR for me until the replacement note 7 comes …..whenever that freaking will be.

Until then though stay tuned for my YouTube adventures with Prowensworld and with this blog with a possible name change but working on that with getting prowensworld.com back to WordPress.

Thanks for reading and stopping by, until next time, y’all stay awesome.