Last post on this Note 7 recall promise and then onto into some fun stuff :).

Wanted to update on this situation. I contacted the 1-800-Samsung number to be informed that not plan for the recall had been made yet and that once all had been sorted out that I will be contacted in regards to getting a replacement.

Now when I mention to them the programme to trade in phone for a new one a week later or to get a S7 / S7 Edge in replacement right now the lady on phone had not heard of such a thing?

The person in charge of dealing with note 7 recall support doesn’t know about said plan…what the *@#^ .

Love to hear from others on your experience. Am I alone on buying directly from samsung and having to deal with this crap? I’d love to hear from you. If you brought from a carrier are you having a better experience? Love to know that to.

That being said, stay awesome everyone and I’ll see you next time.