Hello everyone and welcome back.

Just been informed that by the end of this weekend Samsung shall be announcing a decision on a total recall for the Note 7 due to the 0.1% Battery Exploding issue some users have experienced.

Now on one hand I’m pissed due to getting mine 2 weeks after release and then 1 day into having the phone hear about this but on the other I’m happy that Samsung has been quick on their response and is taking measures to deal with this spreading issue.

How about yourselves ? Are you affected by this at all? Happy a recall is in question incase you are one of these 0.1%? Love to know your thoughts below and sorry to all those whom may have sold or traded in their old phones for the Note 7. I couldn’t imagine the time it’ll take for Samsung to receive the device, fix the issue and send it back but hey lets stay positive on this :D.

Thanks for reading everyone, stay awesome and I’ll see you next time.