Hello everyone and welcome back, I shall get something sorted on my phone in order to post more while making content on my Youtube Channel – ProwenGaming .

That being said I have made a couple of videos while being away, like the title states – My channel trailer.

As well as my Channel Update explaining whats been going on with the channel itself 🙂


With these being created and my thirst for Kingdom Hearts I went out and brought a juicy number which I shall post about tomorrow with another video 😀 well two videos haha. One shall be a setup / guide of sorts while the other is a gameplay / tutorial to get the first video going. So a two part video. Look forward to it, putting a lot of time into this and hopefully it pays off for better content and channel / site for you all.

Thanks for stopping by everyone and look forward to reading your comments below. Until next time. Stay awesome 😀