Welcome back, sorry to go quite on you all the past few days been a frustrating yet rewarding time since PC arrived back from Digital Storm.

First of all a rant shall be coming most likely Friday/Saturday on the whole situation and give you the 2nd part review from the time I posted the first part when it first arrived back beginning of May….Yea.

That aside those whom follow me from back in September will know we moved into our new apartment complex with an ant infestation….well there back and came with vengeance today. So many hours later we have it (Hopefully) under control with minor annoyances when a couple show up here and there.

Okay we shall begin with the Prowensworld Update (Yaaaay!) – PC came back working for 2 – 3 hours until the Ethernet nic went out and I had no internet all weekend. This was however replaced with a Ethernet USB whiiiich…sucked bawls and didn’t work. Mixture of USB 3 which it was made for kept disconnecting to the USB 2 when connected would randomly drop connection / drop instantly when streaming begins. This was then replaced with a Netgear WiFi USB 3 the A6210 model which worked awesomely and expect a review of these products over the weekend.

Yes a review and this is another update for y’all šŸ˜€ my Youtube channel is back up and getting updates currently with content but over this weekend (hopefully) I can work on intros / outros and a channel introduction to bring it properly to life.

So far a lot of streams playing Overwatch have been posted from my Hitbox.tv stream however I’m back and forth on which platform to use. Hitbox / Youtube / Twitch.

Love to hear your thoughts on these and what is the better choice when making streams / videos for youtube.

Going to grab laundry now as the ants forced my hand to tidy up :p but another post shall be arriving tomorrow. Until then here is my newest stream from overwatch recorded today. Enjoy and love to hear from you in the comments below.

Thanks for checking it and being apart of Prowensworld.