So to quickly catch up those whom have not been following my adventures with Digital Storm and my PC since March.

(Not my PC but tiz my case) – See this pic above. Well I’ve not seen her since she died on me back in March for the CPU temps getting so high the whole system shuts out.

PC came back beginning of May “Fixed” and the same issue/s was happening…. so after sending it back out again my beauty of a PC has returned with lots more testing and tweaks….lets hope it works this time.

All has been set up, pics have been taken along the way, I’m ready to jump into overwatch, total war warhammer, dying light, final fantasy. I could seriously go on and on I’m so backed up on games your going to see a lot of content coming up on here and my Youtube Channel :D.

IF! It works… update to come later on just wanted to update you all with the fact that PC is back in my possession.  Comment below if you think it’ll work or the battle to get it fixed continues with Digital Storm ? 😀