So for some reason I had down that E3 was today till wednesday but yesterday I arrived home to see that EA and Bethesda have already had their conferences.

With 3 hours sleep prior to work I was feeling like crap all day so didn’t post and thus awake today not feeling much better with another night of lack of sleep :S

Enough about sleep we have games to talk about :D, sooo what stuck out to me when looking over the conferences?

IGN E3 Conference Breakdown

From EA I’ve been following Mass Effect Andromeda and so excited to jump back into that world. The graphics have improved ten fold the gameplay looks like it’ll be stellar and all round improved by leaps and bounds. Don’t forget to keep those ME save files, from my understanding this will be needed for little easter eggs in Andromeda. Coming out Holiday 2016 here is the trailer / footage for your enjoyment.


Over on the Bethesda side of things only one I can be excited for despite not playing the first game is Dishonored which has a lot of fans excited. Once my PC arrives I’ll be jumping into that along with all the other games back up on my to play list. (Update soon on PC)


So that’s it from me, nothing really pops out unlike what awaits over the next couple days with Microsoft today , followed by Sony and Nintendo tomorrow. What got you excited  for day 1? Let me know in the comments below – stay tuned for day 2 of E3 2016 when I arrive back home from work. Yea E3 out and I work mornings all week haha.