Here it is, the Warcraft Movie Review! Looked forward to seeing this movie for the longest time and, despite watching it last night. I went back in tonight and watched it again with the wife whom tried WoW for about an hour and gave up so here’s my view with some points of hers thrown in.

I’d like to first start off saying this will be attempted at being spoiler free and I apologize if you find something a spoiler. So you have been warned, just incase you are more sensitive to the info in the movie however (I’ll be avoiding story plots etc) shall we begin.

So the movie opens up introducing Durotan whom is our orc protagonist and pretty quickly throws you into their homeworld, of which is dying, to set up our scene and a few of the orcs well be following. I wish this scene had been 10 minutes or so longer and established this world a little and the orcs whom lived within it. A simple messenger of sorts whom the camera follows going from clan to clan uniting the orcs under one horde establishing them and the reason to be leaving would have been nice.

My wife whom has little to no knowledge of warcraft or the novels also agreed with this point and she even said the movie should have been longer ( Did we like it….you’ll have to wait or skip to end :P) .

Next up is our alliance characters going over and introducing (Just like how I would of liked the horde being introduced ) our heroes and the cities / places we as players recognise but also establishing the world for those new to the warcraft verse. Lots of little easter eggs are thrown throughout the movie for players to get excited and giddy over by the way which also made my wife chuckle now and again.

Now the first time I watched this I tried to relate Warcraft Game lore to Warcraft Movie lore and this just isn’t the case so throw some bits out and sit back and enjoy what newly created lore has been attempted for those players out there interested in story :D. Was nice to dust off some cobwebs and remember characters pasts and all but alliance is not my forte when it comes to lore.

I shall be reading the Warcraft Movie novels and I’ll get back to you when I combine it with the movie on if this helps but my second watch I also enjoyed the movie maybe even more so since I was not relating the lore from game to movie all way through :D.

My biggest concern was the characters not being fleshed out enough however I urge you all to go out and see this movie, the world has been established the characters are setup and potential sequels can only get better and better from here.

The CGI, effects and costumes are stunning however since the very first trailer I just have not enjoyed the humans and my wife even agreed. When you’re watching the orcs it’s stunning and the land is so pretty but get a human involved and it loses appeal a little. That’s not to say it’s bad though just a critic for the next movie.

I found it fair giving time for both Horde and Alliance however I feel as if both parties could get a prequel movie from here prior / during the time of the next movie. There is so much to go off with characters and warcraft lore that Blizzard and Legendary could crank these films out yearly and be up there with summer blockbuster movies of the year.

Unless you love 3D for the quite crowds I wouldn’t spend money on what you get to be honest. However when it was used it was cool but so under used for all the effects in the movie that would’ve been cool to use it on

So conclusion time? Go watch this movie, ignore the haters, ignore the bad reviews. Go out and make your own opinion my wife was so against going to watch this movie and came out so excited and saying she loved it and started asking all these questions. This is what we want new fans to do, be excited and get involved with the warcraft universe. We want fans to come out and shout “For the Horde / Alliance” , to get pumped and spread the word of this movie being a really good film. Was it perfect? No. But it was fun and enjoyable. I watched it two nights back to back and I’d go tomorrow and watch it again if it wasn’t for having to work.

I’d give this movie a must go see rating – 8/10. Let’s get a sequel and go spread the word of mouth of this awesome film because the critic haters need to be put in place and retaught what is and is not a good film.

Thank you all for reading this and I hope to see you next time in Prowensworld :), next week is E3 so question/s.

Did you enjoy this movie? Watch it again? Brought friends / family whom don’t know warcraft? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.