Hello everyone and welcome back :D, sooo in the continued wait for my PC which I’m not sure is going to come back by August at this rate yet alone my predicted late June early July I’ll be going to see the Warcraft Movie in an hour 😀 so hyped!

But wait? There’s two other images by either side of the picture above. These are the novels to the Warcraft film with the right side being a prequel named Durotan and on the left a novel of the film itself.

Since I’ve been catching up with my shows and playing on my 3DS enough to complete 2 out of the 3 Fire Emblem Fate games I figured I’ll get back to reading the Illidan novel which I have 100 ish pages left ready for Legion and then follow that with these two warcraft movie novels.

Have you checked these books out? Seen the movie? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below and did they do a good job adapting the movie to novel which is usually the other way around.

Until next time every a Warcraft Movie review coming tomorrow, thanks for stopping by and for being apart of my world.

(Update) Just got back from movie – These prequel book/s shall help 😀 😛