Hello everyone and welcome back.

While I await news on my system being repaired (Currently going through thorough testing to make sure system is good to send back) . I have been preparing / planning for my youtube channel –Prowensworld which currently has a few videos but the final one back in March was the final stream that got cut off when PC shut down for first time.

So while looking for networks to join as a starter channel I came into the Freedom Network to begin with. First video I saw had a lot of buzz about it and upon further investigation I was met with dozens of hate and scam videos on this network? Why? What was so horrible about Freedom?

Well mainly from what I heard it was due to the 60/40 revenue shares which was to high for people. Okay I get it you want the most of the money for the work you put into the videos and channel. Point heard. Well what else? They don’t pay you for months at a time. Well upon researching this, I found out that some people had the wrong paypal set up or not even had one set up in the first place for freedom to pay them.

So 2 points here that are down to money. Well since its going to be while until I make enough money to really care about them taking 40% I don’t see what is bad about them. I can make more in an hour at work than what I can bring in from my channel as it stands in a year.

Lastly the third point I’ve heard is the lack of communication or poor communication at best. Well I’m currently in await for a case to fully sign up to them so for this I shall get back to you all. However so far if money is the reason your making youtube videos than I can’t see why you wouldn’t give freedom a shot for a small channel growing.

This all being said I’d love to hear your thoughts and as we get nearer to my PC returning. I shall keep you posted how the network is. What it offers and continue to share my thoughts and opinions on the state of freedom as it currently is since a lot of reviews are from last yr / the beginning of this year.

Here is my referral link to Freedom Network if your interested in checking it out – https://www.freedom.tm/via/Prowensworld

Thank you all for stopping by and checking out the post and to come this week will be a hype your day post each day from now till the launch of warcraft the movie here in the states. Yes I’m excited and yes I’ll be there to watch it opening night.

All this and more over at Prowensworld

Till then… For Teh Horde!