Hey everyone and welcome back, now I put the warning of rant above just incase however I have calmed down since my initial shock.

So if your like me and never really had verizon or read about them last year they had a deal set in place to sell to frontier communications on the 1st of april 2016 (What a joke 😉 ). Believe the 3 states to be Florida (Which didn’t go down well), Texas and here in California. Now I found out about this when the first bill arrived last week and was puzzled why we even got a bill since we go paperless with verizon.

Then I read about the company and found out the above info. So why were we not informed when we joined verizon back in september? Why were we not informed leading up to April 1st? I have no clue which is why I was pissed and betrayed by verizon by being so sneaky with this sell out (In my eyes having no info prior).

I’ve read comments and heard this was hugely spoken about in the time of the deal going down 2015 but I was with time warner and never really looked into verizon due to fios not in my old area.

Obviously the change over went well because I was none the wiser until the first bill arrived but I’ve heard different stories. I was pissed due to lack of info being given to myself where as others were/are pissed due to their internet and phones being down for days/weeks.

Were you affected by this? Is frontier communications worth sticking with? I’d love to hear your thoughts below as I’m still working it out. I’ll run some tests once PC arrives today to see if the speeds have decreased/stayed/improved while downloading my steam games.

Thanks for reading everyone and I’ll see you next time here or over at Prowensworld.