I wanted to write and spread awareness of not only this amazing product but also an amazing company.

Since my PC has been away getting repaired I’ve had several emails from the CEO from discord contact me for feedback and asking what they can do to get me back. After explaining what’s going on and why I’m currently not using the service we had a great conversation and this was at midnight last night which usually companies wont be emailing back and forth at such an hour.

Before I get to far away from why I’m posting I wanted you all to know how friendly Discord’s customer service is and I haven’t even dropped a penny into the company and I feel like they care about each person using their service.

So what is Discord? No it’s not from my little pony like my wife taunts me over when I mention the name but a service that is dominantly far superior than skype service you’ll get. It’s made with gamers in mind and has so many features for all types of users. Did I mention this is free? I literally replaced skype and teamspeak with Discord it’s that good.

“Discord was born out of our own frustrations with the voice and chat tools we all use while playing games. It’s a bit strange that in 2015 most of us are using chat apps that haven’t been updated in years to play games that are updated every week. We deserve better.

Discord brings gaming communication out of the stone age. It’s free, easy to use, and with you even while you are AFK.”

Before my PC died I was using this to chat with my friend back in England while playing a game. I never had to alt tab once since the overlay for Discord works amazing. Think a better version of what steam has.

Go check it out, give it some love and tell me your thoughts in the comments below. If your feeling extra awesome today, drop your thoughts off to the company since this programme is currently in alpha and their dropping weekly updates into this to create the most superior product out there for us gamers.

You can download it here – https://discordapp.com/download

If downloading this to your IOS / Andriod / Windows devices isn’t something for you than check out the home page and use it from your web browser –  https://discordapp.com/

Join Prowensworld Channel via this link – https://discord.gg/0yRl9vTpFTPrjl0A

Thanks all for reading and I hope you enjoy checking out this service.