Welcome everyone to the gaming edition to what’s on my radar?

Here are two games that are up and coming on my radar for the PC, hope you enjoy.

Total War: Warhammer

Total War: Warhammer

Yes I left out Overwatch because my PC may not be back until mid to late May and this arrives on the 24th. BTW my birthday is the 21st so drop me a comment if you want to pwn me at this game 😛 I can suck at total war yet have so much fun.

When this goes live my friend and I shall be doing lots of streams via twitch / youtube so look forward to that. I believe he will be Dwarf or Human as his main army choice.

Question is… Vampire, Orc of Chaos? I’ll be playing one of these as my main. What will you be? P.S as soon as lizardmen get added I’ll be them in a heartbeat.

World of Warcraft:- Legion

World of Warcraft:- Legion

Yes! I so can not wait for this game to arrive, August 30th here we come. Expect video content on this A LOT. I’ve been playing WoW a week into it’s launch and had my ups and downs with the game throughout. I wish I just had more time to climb the ranks of casual raider because dungeons and raiding is fascinating to me.

If anyone out there has the patience to run dungeons with me I love to tank. Just the haters get to me if I mess up which is why I heal / dps now. That being said with the demon hunter class coming maybe the new play style will give me a spark to jump back into tanking once again.

What are you looking forward to most with legion? Let me know in the comments. I’m looking forward to some Illidan lore, currently reading the book I love me some BC content so the legion content will complete my PB and J sandwich :D.


So I mentioned Overwatch would of made the list, and mentioned Legion and Warhammer Total War but are there any games that you guys are looking forward to that I didn’t mention. Put your answers in the comments below and lets see how broke you make me with the games you mention.

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