Welcome back everyone and welcome to my latest movie watch, The Jungle Book. A live action movie based on the classic disney movie from my childhood and most likely many of yours.

The Jungle Book 2016 Movie

The Jungle Book 2016 Movie

Now if you haven’t seen The Jungle Book I’m truly amazed how your singing songs from frozen and not bear necessities, or am I getting that old? Anyway, this movie currently is on my top 10 list of the year up there along with Deadpool. It was so good, from the voice acting to the visual beauty of the land and animals. Disney did such a great job in creating this wonderful retelling of a classic disney film.

Heads up though for parents, yes this film is a family movie but it can and does get dark. Some scenes had me on edge like a lord of the rings movie but maybe I just got sucked way into the characters. Some adjustments were made from the classic which was a nice change and actually worked well for this live action movie.

Rotten Tomatoes has this @ 94%

Imdb has it @ 8/10

Tell me your thoughts in the comments below, did you like it as much as I? or have some hate for the movie either way I’m signing out with this song number below. Enjoy and catch you soon.

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