Welcome back everyone and if you hadn’t known last night/this morning depending where abouts in the world you are Nintendo dropped some juicy information for their investors.

Now I’m in two mind sets here but personally the news was awesome for me but I feel bad for those waiting. Lets jump in to what I’m alluding to.

Nintendo NX Launching March 2017. But no NX at E3? Whaaat! Yes we have to wait a solid year but Zelda WiiU wll be launching for both the WiiU and the NX which is great news for me since I wont have to buy a WiiU now and can concentrate on all that PS4 goodness :D.

Shocking that Nintendo wont be showing it at E3 but we have Final Fantasy 15 and all coming in september so that’s awesome.

Signing off with this tidbit of info. Get your phones ready because an animal crossing and a fire emblem game will be coming out this year. Exciting I know 😀 What’s your views on this guys and girls let me know in the comments below.

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