Hello everyone, my vacation is over, I’ve been back and caught up with my work but totally never got back to this blog and I apologize for that. It started with poor internet and then in Paris that never improved and thus when I returned my P.C decided to die on me and since has been getting repaired under warranty.

Once again I am  very sorry for the lack of posts but I haven’t been doing nothing while away this whole time.

I decided to check out squarespace again and jumped into setting up my site with a plan for a year. A website of which I had many years ago Prowensworld and I shall be returning to my podcast, continue the blog and work on youtube videos.

Without my P.C it has been tough to create and sit down due to my chromebook getting on with age and finds it hard to manage the programmes I throw at it but for now the blog is being created and a podcast will be in creation once my P.C arrives back.

Prowensworld.com is due to launch tomorrow and although a blog will be posted on there I should be able to set it up to where I post on my site will also post over here. If this fails I’ll manually post it on here so you don’t miss out on my content.

I’d love to see you over on Prowensworld but I wont be making people choose a platform they don’t want to use which is why I’ll be keeping all my social media as is and posting throughout them all so my audience gets to see what I’m creating if it be blogging, podcasting or youtube videos.

Looking forward to hearing from you all and again I’m sorry for the lack of posts leading to now and those pictures of the trip shall come once I have my P.C back to manage it without killing my chromebook in the process :D.