Welcome back all, wedding is coming tomorrow so here’s a post filling in the last couple days. Been with family thus far but the adventure begins on the 6th when we go travel to Cadbury World to Bath and onwards. So excited for all to come.

So what happened to Tmobile? Well they set me up for a plan that doesn’t offer international service which they told me it would. Was on a 30minute phone call passed around 4 different people whom did nothing, then when I contacted the facebook page of Tmobile did nothing different other than to tell me to ring the number I just had been with for 30minutes.

So I decided to get a UK sim card of which 3 was amazing with and the gentleman in Hemel Hempstead was fantastic with helping me out. Proper good chap and now I have service during my travels here.

The area is really nice here and wanted to share a video of the Tring National History Museum which I kept calling the Tring Animal Museum.

Enjoy and I’ll do a little post either tonight or tomorrow since most the time will be focused on the wedding and spending time with the family.