So this post is an update in two regards, in regards to the blog itself and to me losing weight :D.

So firstly the blog title – I’ve been doing well and keeping up with my calorie count. My Fitness Pal has been working out great and even when I have a little treat I’m reflecting the calories intake in other meals or going for a jog to stay on track.

Last week  as of 7:40pm the 2/8/16 I  weighed in at 266 as of today 1pm 2/16/16 I weighed in at 261 🙂 so i’m doing well for the trip in 2 weeks time.

Now then an update for the blog itself. I feel as my drive to lose weight has overcome my focus for what started this blog where I post about things that get me hyped up and didn’t feel like making it completely about losing weight each week which is what’s it became.

So I ask you all a question, do i start over on a new bloggity for my digitally losing weight? Combine it into this? Or look into a video / written blog to share and update my progress? Love to know your thoughts I’m rather split minded on it and feel like I can dedicate more to this blog or my tracking with a decision of either or from the choices above :D.


Thanks for reading and checking in, is anyone else trying to lose weight? Let me know if you want to join up in the comments and side note. Loosing and Lose why do you curse me 😛 and no one said nothing hahaha  – correction being implemented 😀