Welcome back one and all, yes it has been a week.. silent..quite..yet a week :D.

That’s not to say though that I’ve been quite during this week. Since posting last Monday I have kept on track with my 10 k steps a day and drank 100 ounces of water.  Wootage to week 1 being accomplished, and! I would class as a success.

Because last week I weighed in at 272, while as of 7:40pm today the 2/8/16 I just weighed in at 266 which is a big drop so I’m not sure how accurate the reading of the scales is but it showed this twice after two readings.

So going forth what shall I be tracking? Well in addition to the steps and water intake increase I have been getting in the habit of tracking my calories and have done a good job in which also.

Going forth from today I shall post my daily calorie intake in addition to the above for week 2 😀

7 Dec 2015 21-58-59

Finally to sum up – Going to be experimenting in some jogging vids / vlogs and adding or trying out an audio vs video pod-casting note for the thangs I love to want to share the hype for :D.

Thanks all for stopping by and I shall see y’all next time.