Two episodes have aired thus far and I’m so freaking hooked on this series along with my wife whom fell instantly attached to the show after episode 1. A day later I find this juicy number about the series getting a live action movie coming march 19th.

Source – Anime News Network


So here’s a trailer on the anime version, if you can’t wait to see either in their full the manga is complete but the story is rather fascinating.

The manga’s story follows Satoru, a struggling manga artist who has the ability to turn back time and prevent deaths. When his mother is killed he turns back time to solve the mystery, but ends up back in elementary school, just before the disappearance of his classmate Kayo.

Has anyone checked out the manga? Is it to good to wait for the anime or live action? Excited to see the live action with a great lead for Satoru? Let me know in the comments below :).