Last night my wife and I checked the mail to be met with a wonderful surprise of receiving our Paris Pass bundle package yay!

While flipping through the specials that come with the pass I came across an interesting website Ideal gourmet.

Eiffel tower over restaurant


(Isn’t that a beautiful view, had to share to you all, hopefully when we arrive I can take some nice pictures for you all.)

What I love about this site thus far of browsing it is that each and every restaurant comes in a complete package. Paying a set price up front and attend an all inclusive set meal with a selection for each part of the meal from starters, main and then desert.

Anyone had experience with this before? Worth checking out? Well we have until March 15th until we arrive in Paris to decide on our bookings of restaurants but wanted to share with you all encase this site is a hidden gem within the package of the Paris Pass.