During some frustrating times this evening disputing charges with UPS I was chilling to 40 upcoming games of 2016 on gameranx Youtube Channel .

Which got me thinking of today’s post, which games are you mostly hyped up and excited over for 2016?

In no order at all here is a list of most looked forward to games of 2016:-

No Man’s Sky – PC, PS4

Lost Ark – PC

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – PC,PS4,Xbox One

Mass Effect Andromeda – PC,PS4,Xbox One

World of Warcraft: Legion – PC,OS X

Total War: Warhammer – PC, OS X, Linux

There’s a lot more but I think these are my main must get games for this year before I buy anymore. I just brought dishonored so many I’ll add the second one to this list.

Let me know below your most anticipated games of the year. If you share some of mine and interested in joining up, I’m so up for it :D.

Total War: Warhammer is looking amazing by the way I love the Total War series.