Welcome back, for today’s post I wanted to talk a little bit about myself for you all to get to know me more as well as inform you on my plans for 2016.

Ever since the days of Life In Hex (Some episodes can still be found) I have had an interest in podcasts and blogging / writing. I started writing movie, games and anime reviews before doing Prowensworld but it never took off or got much interest.

Despite this I still loved to create and talk about these topics and in different forms I would continue to do so throughout the years after Life In Hex ended.

I joined MKFM when I worked for Cineworld as something fun that I could talk about latest movies but radio was just not for me and I missed the feel of podcasting without time or schedule restrictions or restraints of having to be in a small room with others whom I barely knew to talk about topics movies.

When I moved to America December 2012 I created a youtube channel and another site along with joining Nanowrimo to write my stories and continue to talk about movies and all that I love still to this day.

However despite going further than I  every have I still have not succeeded in finishing Nanowrimo nor have I managed to get a project kick off with people commenting and getting involved.

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So my next project and thing/s that I’m doing now are this newly started wordpress blog of hype your day 😀 and my Youtube ProwenGaming site that I’m enjoying doing and fitting in between work which has been rather busy.

Lastly to end this post to you all, looking forward at the whole year of 2016 I’d like to start podcasting based on this site and maybe if this kicks off do a short show on best news of the month of quarter of the year and talk about the hype that got me and others excited.

With Nanowrimo I am determined not to get sick this year and to stay on track if I do so I can complete the first draft of my book series and get it out to you all. I also intend to bring you all in via this site to share the process and give you little behind the scenes to its creation.

Youtube shall be fun and for anyone whom would like to stream with me or even come and chat while I play feel free to comment me on here or my channel and I’ll keep you posted on my next stream. (Btw Elder Scrolls Online shall be stream tomorrow (Tuesday) for those interested.)

Thank you all for stopping by and learning a bit about me and my background and I hope you like the sound of what’s to come. Feedback, suggestions etc would be appreciated and I look forward to seeing you all again.

Have a great day all and see you next time.