So this post is for both christmas eve and christmas day so enjoy the time with your family, be nice to those whom have to work while you shop and continue to use their services and please say thank you because it goes a long way.

My wife and I celebrated christmas today due to having to work tomorrow and I’m so thankful for all the thought that went into the gifts from family and friends.

Thank you for my wife’s co-worker and friend for switching shifts so I could spend the whole day along side her in happiness and so much cheer, smiles and laughter.

I had many surprises and emotions created over this holiday season and wanted to let you all know that I wish you a happy holidays for either of the occasions that you may be celebrating this time of year and I hope you get to celebrate with those close to you.

For those whom are unable to be with their love ones I hope those around you are spreading the love and welcoming by bringing a smile to your day. It may not be much but a smile, a chuckle, a sprout of light to brighten your day is all I ask of those whom are with their love ones to spread to those without.

Here’s a picture of my babies for you all 🙂

1st Ellie > 2nd Sunny > 3rd Wilson