Okay about Star Wars post back to back but I saw this and wanted to share with you all the importance of not spoiling content especially how this went down.

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This happened in BAKERSFIELD, CA where a 20year old man came out of a screening of SWTFA and shouted out the ending of the movie to all those in line to watch the next showing.


This was the picture presented.

Well of course fans and those whom have payed and waiting in line were pissed but the one whom shouted out the spoiler had his ass beaten pretty badly.

So for all those whom find it funny or are planning on ruining the movie or pretty much newly released content for others whom have not had the pleasure of seeing said content please think about the consequences of your actions.

By no means am I supporting the severity of how badly they beat him but some rage has to be built up if something so hyped got spoiled moments before going in to see it.

Happy viewing all and let me know in the comments your thoughts on the story. Did you get a chance to see the film? Comment below your opinion on spoilers and wheres the line of when we can mention certain reveals.

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